Suburban Oasis Outdoor Living & Entertainment

Are you thinking about adding an outdoor entertainment area to your home? Outdoor spaces are popular entertainment venues, particularly here in Texas where we enjoy so many pleasant weather days year round.

Suburban Oasis designs and builds outdoor spaces of that are natural extensions of your home. Working with you we carefully plan and design each project then show you what the space will look like utilizing our 3-Dimensional Virtual Design. You get the benefit of visualizing your completed space before a shovel full of dirt has been turned.

When planning your project we will discuss a number of areas of consideration with you. Here are some things to consider when planning your outdoor entertainment area:

  • Number of guests - Do you plan on entertaining just a few or a big crowd? The larger the gathering the more seating space is required. Many entertainment spaces include a dining areas as well as seating areas

  • All weather usage - If all weather use is for you the area will need to be covered by a roof. Suburban Oasis builds roofs that smoothly incorporate into the style and character of your home. We can also add heating fixtures that make your entertainment area practical to use even on the coldest days and nights.

  • Frequency of Use - Do you entertain frequently or occasionally? Do you entertain mostly family,invited guests, or both?

  • Style - What is your entertainment style? Do you prefer casual or more formal entertaining? Answering this question will help you decide how large an space you require as well as how many and what type of areas need to be included in that space.

  • Flooring - Suburban Oasis experts will help you pick from the many choices of flooring for your entertainment area. Floors can be made more interesting using patterns or by using borders to create the appearance of area rugs in the furnished area of your space. Whatever flooring material you choose be sure it's stain resistand and easy to clean.

  • Refreshments - Will you be preparing food and drinks in the area? If so, will a barbeque island be sufficient or do you want a full kitchen in space? A full outdoor kitchen with prep area, cooking area, serving area, cleanup area, ice maker, and refrigerator allows for preparation, consumption, and clean up of all food without the inconvenience of multiple trips into and out of the house. Consider adding a pizza oven then serve your guests your own homemade wood fired pizza.

  • Electronics - Do you want video equipment and a sound system other electronics? The addition of these features makes your outdoor entertainment a great place to gather to watch sports, dance, play video games, and enjoy background music.

  • Water - Do you want to incorporate water into your space? Whether you want a swimming pool, spa, water garden, koi pond, fountain or other water feature Suburban Oasis can smoothly incorporate these items into your entertainment area to provide more interest.

  • Fire - Do you enjoy the warmth and interest of a nice fire? A fireplace or fire pit adds warmth and light during chilly evenings, creates a focal point, and is the perfect place to gather with friends and family.

Whatever your needs and desires our knowledgable experienced experts will assist and guide you through planning and construction phases of your project. When you choose Suburban Oasis, for your project, you can rest assured that the job will be done honestly, correctly, carefully, on budget, and on time. Contact us today to get started on the outdoor entertainment space you have been dreaming about. Read our Testimonials Page the email, text, or call us at 214-475-1920. Suburban Oasis will gladly provide references from our delighted clients on request.